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Book of I Corinthians

The Book of I Corinthians is one of the most practical of Paul’s letters in addressing problems in the local church.  Some of the major issues that he addresses include divisions within the church, immorality within the church, church discipline, speaking in tongues, and others.  In addition to his corrections in these areas, he gives very practical guidance for both the individual Christian and the local church as a whole on such subjects as marriage and divorce, Christian charity, handling legal issues within the church instead of before the local magistrates.

Click on any of the links below to listen to the chapter.  Serious students are encouraged to have Bible and paper in front of them as they join this verse by verse study.


Chapter One: Divisions in the Local Church

Chapter Two: Man’s Wisdom vs God’s Wisdom

Chapter Three: The Judgment Seat of Christ

Chapter Four: Servants & Humility

Chapter Five: Church Discipline

Chapter Six: Lawsuits Between Church Members

Chapter Seven: Marriage and Divorce

Chapter Eight: Christian Conscience

Chapter Nine: The Relationship Between Preacher and Congregation

Chapter Ten: The Example of Israel

Chapter Eleven: Hair, Heads, and Authority

Chapter Twelve: Gifts of the Spirit

Chapter Thirteen: Christian Charity

Chapter Fourteen:  Tongues Confusion Intro

Chapter Fourteen: Tongues Confusion

Chapter Fifteen Part 1:

Chapter Fifteen Part 2:

Chapter Sixteen: