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Book of Exodus

The Book of Exodus is essential to an understanding of the remainder of the Old Testament.  Named for the event which is the central focus of the book – the exodus from Egypt – the book recounts the journey of the Israelites from their land of bondage to the Promised Land.  This exciting book is filled with practical applications for the believer today as well as some of the most interesting stories of the Old Testament including the baby in a basket, the burning bush, the ten plagues of Egypt, the parting of the Red Sea, the Ten Commandments, and the tabernacle.

Click on any of the links below to follow along in this verse-by-verse study of the Book of Exodus.

Introduction and Chapter 1a:  Pharoah’s Persecution of the Israelites

Chapter 1b:  Israel Continues to Multiply Under Bondage

Chapter 2a:  The Birth of Moses

Chapter 2b:  Moses Flees to Midian

Chapter 3:  The Call of Moses

Chapter 4a:  God Deals with Moses’ Excuses

Chapter 4b:  Moses Returns to Egypt

Chapter 5a:  The Religion of Egypt

Chapter 5b:  Jehovah’s Dealings with Moses, Pharoah, and the Children of Israel

Chapter 6:  The Identity of God, Moses, and Aaron

Chapter 7a:  Aaron’s Rod Becomes a Serpent

Chapter 7b & 8a:  The Gift of the Nile

Chapter 8b:  Pharoah Acknowledges the God of Israel

Chapter 9a:  God Attacks the Health and Wealth of the Egyptians

Chapter 9b:  The Sky is Falling!

Chapter 10a:  Locusts Everywhere!

Chapter 10b:  Darkness that can be Felt

Chapter 11:  A Spoil of Riches

Chapter 12a:  The Passover Lamb

Chapter 12b:  Death Throughout Egypt

Chapter 13:  Sacrifice of the Firstborn

Pharoah of the Exodus: Introduction to the Video

Pharoah of the Exodus: The Video

Pharoah of the Exodus: Post-Video Discussion

Chapter 14:  Crossing the Red Sea

Chapter 15:  The Song of Moses

Video on the Red Sea Crossing and Location of Mount Sinai

Chapter 16a:  Marah, Mannah, and Quail

Chapter 16b:  Institution of the Sabbath

Chapter 17:  Water from the Rock

Chapter 18:  Jethro’s Counsel

Chapter 19:  The Mosaic Covenant: The Founding of the Nation of Israel

Chapter 20a:  Ten Commandments Part 1

Chapter 20b:  Ten Commandments Part 2

Chapter 20c:  Overview of the Mosaic Law

Chapter 21a:  Slavery under the Mosaic Law

Chapter 21b:  Treatment of Wives under the Mosaic Law

Chapter 21c:  Murder, Manslaughter, and Restitution

Chapter 22:  Negligence vs Willful Acts

Chapter 23a:  Treatment of Others and the Land under the Mosaic Law

Chapter 23b:  God’s Promise to Fight for Israel

Chapter 24a:  Ratification of the Covenant

Chapter 24b:  A Lesson in Biblical Cosmology… from Mount Sinai

Chapter 25a:  The Ark of the Covenant

Chapter 25b:  Table of Shewbread & the Golden Candlestick

Chapter 26:  Construction of the Tabernacle

Video 1 on Construction of the Tabernacle

Video 2 on Construction of the Tabernacle