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Book of Acts

The Book of Acts is a tremendously important book of the New Testament.  It is the bridge between the Old and New Testaments and, as such, is a transitional book.  Not only is it important for laying the foundation of the history of the early church, but correctly understanding the transitional nature in this period is key to understanding the rest of the New Testament correctly.

Click the links below to follow along in this detailed verse-by-verse study of the Book of Acts.


Chapter 1a:  Introduction

Chapter 1b:  The Twelve Disciples

Chapter 2a:  Pentecost & the Gift of Tongues

Chapter 2b:  Peter’s Pentecost Sermon

Chapter 2c:  What is the Message of Salvation?

Chapter 3a:  Healing of a Man Lame from Birth

Chapter 3b:  Peter’s Salvation Message in the Temple

Chapter 4:  Peter and John Arrested

Chapter 5a:  Annanias and Sapphira

Chapter 5b:  Sanhedrin vs. Apostles

Chapter 6:  The First Deacons

Chapter 7a:  Stephen’s Defense: Israel & the Patriarchs

Chapter 7b:  Stephen’s Defense: Israel & the Golden Calf

Chapter 8a:  Persecution of the Early Church

Chapter 8b:  Tent Meeting in Samaria

Chapter 8c:  Philip and the Ethiopian Eunuch

Chapter 9a:  The Conversion of Saul

Chapter 9b:  Temporary Rest for the Early Church

Chapter 10a:  Paul’s Vision of Unclean Animals

Chapter 10b:  Conversion of Cornelius the Centurion

Chapter 11:  First Called Christians

Chapter 12:  Peter is Imprisoned

Chapter 13a:  God’s Plan of Missions

Chapter 13b:  Missions in Cyprus

Chapter 13c:  Paul Turns to the Gentiles at Antioch

Chapter 14:  Paul’s First Missionary Journey Concludes

Chapter 15a:  The Circumcision Controversy

Chapter 15b: The Apostles’ Response to Judaisers

Chapter 16a: The Macedonian Call

Chapter 16b: The Damsel Possessed by a Devil

Chapter 16c: The Conversion of the Philippian Jailer

Chapter 17a: Paul in Thessalonica

Chapter 17b: Paul in Athens

Chapter 17c:  Paul’s Sermon on Mars Hill

Chapter 18a:  Paul’s Arrival in Corinth

Chapter 18b:  Paul’s Second Missionary Journey Comes to an End

Chapter 19a:  Paul Encounters Disciples of John the Baptist

Chapter 19b:  Diana of the Ephesians

Chapter 20:  Paul Finishes His Third Missionary Journey

Chapter 21a:  Paul’s Return to Jerusalem

Chapter 21b:  Paul’s Arrest

Chapter 22a:  Paul’s Defense Before the Mob

Chapter 22b:  Paul Before the Sanhedrin

Chapter 23:  Conspiracy Against Paul

Chapter 24:  Paul Goes Before Felix

Chapter 25:  Paul Goes Before Festus

Chapter 26:  Paul Goes Before King Agrippa

Chapter 27a:  Paul Sets Sail for Rome

Chapter 27b:  Paul is Shipwrecked

Chapter 28:  Paul Arrives in Rome