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Book of Genesis

This is a detailed, verse-by-verse study in the Book of Genesis.  This first book of the Bible is the book of “beginnings” and includes, among other things, the beginning of the universe, man, sin, nations, Israel, the plan of redemption, and so much more.  Whether you’re a brand new Christian or have been saved for years, this dynamic study of the Book of Genesis is sure to reinvigorate your faith and your interest in studying your Bible.

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Chapter 1a:  Introduction & Day One of Creation

Chapter 1b:  Day 2 through Day 5 of Creation

Chapter 1c:  Day 6 of Creation

Chapter 2:  The Creation of Man

Chapter 3:  Adam & Eve and The Fall of Man

Chapter 4:  Original Sin and Cain & Abel

Chapter 5:  Line of Cain vs Line of Seth

Chapter 6a:  Nephilim

Chapter 6b:  Noah’s Ark

Chapter 7:  The Flood

Chapters 8 & 9:  Noah After the Flood

Chapter 10:  The Origin of Nations

Chapter 11a:  The Tower of Babel

Chapter 11b:  The Religion of Babel

Chapter 11c:  Symbols of Mystery Babylon

Chapter 11d:  Lineage of Abraham

Chapter 12a:  The Abrahamic Covenant

Chapter 12b:  The Palestinian Covenant & Abram in Egypt

Chapters 13 & 14:  Lot’s Bad Decision; Abram’s Meeting with Melchizadek

Chapter 15:  God Reconfirms the Abrahamic Covenant

Chapter 16:  Hagar and Ishmael

Chapter 17:  Abram Becomes Abraham

Chapter 18:  Abraham Entertains Some Unusual Visitors

Chapter 19:  Sodom and Gomorrah

Video of Archeological Discovery of the Remains of Sodom and Gomorrah

Chapter 20:  Abraham and Abimelech

Chapter 21:  The Birth of Isaac

Chapter 22:  Abraham Offers up Isaac

Chapter 23:  The Death of Sarah

Chapter 24:  Isaac & Rebekah

Chapter 25a:  Abraham & Keturah

Chapter 25b:  Jacob, Esau, and the Birthright

Chapter 26:  Isaac & Abimelech

Chapter 27:  Jacob and Esau:  The Stolen Blessing

Chapter 28:  Jacob’s Ladder

Chapter 29:  Leah & Rachel

Chapter 30:  Jacob and Laban’s Cattle

Chapter 31:  Jacob Flees Padanaram

Chapter 32 & 33:  Jacob Encounters Esau

Chapter 34 & 35:  Dinah, Reuben, and Bethel

Chapter 36:  Descendants of Esau

Chapter 37:  Joseph and the Coat of Many Colours

Chapter 38:  Judah and Tamar

Chapter 39:  Joseph in Potipher’s House

Chapter 40:  The Butler and the Baker

Chapter 41:  Pharoah’s Dreams

Chapter 42:  Joseph’s Brothers Arrive in Egypt

Chapter 43 & 44:  Joseph’s Brothers Return to Egypt

Chapter 45:  Joseph Reveals His Identity

Chapter 46 & 47:  Israel Moves to Egypt

Chapter 48 & 49:  Jacob’s Blessings on his Sons

Chapter 50:  Deaths of Jacob and Joseph