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The Book of Romans is arguably the most important of all of the Apostle Paul’s epistles because it is a treatise on the subject of salvation.  It deals with such important aspects related to salvation as who needs to be saved, why they need to be saved, the origin of sin, how someone is saved, and what they should do after salvation.  The Book of Romans could honestly serve as a basic doctrines theology book because it covers foundational terms including sanctification, redemption, justification, substitutionary atonement, and many others.

Click any of the links below to listen online.  Serious students are encouraged to listen with a Bible and notebook in front of them for this verse by verse study.


Chapter 1a

Chapter 1b

Chapter 1c

Chapter 1d

Chapter 2

Chapter 3a

Chapter 3b

Chapter 4a

Chapter 4b

Chapter 5a

Chapter 5b

Chapter 6a

Chapter 6b

Chapter 7

Chapter 8a

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Chapter 8c

Chapter 8d

Chapter 9a

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Chapter 10a

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Chapter 10c

Chapter 11a

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Chapter 11c

Chapter 12a

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Chapter 13 The Biblical Role of Civil Government

Chapter 13b The Christian and Civil Government

Chapter 14 Sacred Conscience

Chapter 15a

Chapter 15b

Chapter 16