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Each of Pastor’s books are available from Amazon at the links below.


  A Clash of Swords: The Baptist Origins of our English Bible

Much is at stake in the battle for the Bible. Liberalism and modernism have attempted to destroy the foundations of Biblical Christianity by attacking the authority of Scripture. Denials of the inerrancy and infallibility of the Bible have been going on for more than a century. At the heart of the present attack upon the Word of God is the attempt to question, confuse, and dilute by inundating believers with an ever-growing number of versions of the Bible, all claiming to be accurate translations.A Clash of Swords is both a concise Baptist history and an explanation of why the King James Version should be preferred over the numerous modern translations. It is the first new scholarly work on Baptist history in more than a century and the first ever treatise demonstrating the historical connection of Baptists to the lineage of the Authorized Version since the first century. This work has been in the making for more than a decade and is timely in its publication during the 400 year anniversary of the Authorized King James Bible.



Your Greatest Investment: A Christian Guide to Raising Children

Whether you’re

an expecting parent just starting out or you’ve been a parent for sometime and feel like you’re just floundering, this book is for you. This practical guide to raising children who will love God and give their hearts to Him is a must-have for Christian parents in today’s world. With the insight of both an experienced parent and pastor, author Ray McBerry provides a thorough Biblical philosophy for raising children and an extremely practical book of sound advice for navigating through the

minefield of parenthood and arriving at the desired destination… a grown child who loves God and has a passion to serve Him. You might even learn some invaluable things about your own relationship with God along the way!

“Every single chapter was worth the small price of the entire book!”

“Just the chapter on a Biblical Philosophy of Discipline has been a huge help as a new parent already!”

I wish we would have had this book when we first became parents! Every single chapter is full of practical advice with a solid Biblical foundation.”


   Biblical Grounds: A Christian Guide to Divorce

Do you have Biblical grounds for divorce? Sincere Christians struggle every day with this issue. No Christian should ever resort to divorce without having Biblical grounds to do so. What, then, are the Biblical grounds for divorce? And how do they apply to me and my situation?

Pastor Ray McBerry provides a concise yet comprehensive explanation of marriage, divorce, and the Biblical grounds for divorce in an easy to read format. His description of marriage as a covenantal relationship not only helps to establish the basis and authority for marriage but also clearly identifies the ways in which the covenant can be breached. His inclusion of Scripture to support each point in the book provides the theological proofs that are essential in order for Christians to have confidence in their decisions; and the practical counsel at the end of the book for both the offending and the offended spouse lays out a clear path for both parties to move forward in God’s will for their lives.

“This may be the best treatment of the marriage covenant in print today…”

“If every couple read this book before getting married, there would be fewer divorces.”

“The information provided in this book will allow those Christians who genuinely have Biblical grounds for divorce to be able to move on with clean consciences, free of guilt.”


Biblical Cosmology: A Study Guide 

This volume is both a study guide and a workbook in one.  It is a huge 8.5″ x 11″ in size and nearly 300 pages in length. It is intended to be used as a companion to the free video series available online  and is ideal for individuals, families, homeschoolers, Sunday School classes, and home Bible studies… and includes additional information not included in the original video series.

This study covers an extensive list of subjects related to Biblical Cosmology including the firmament, the shape and creation of the earth, “outer space,” and numerous arguments against the model of modern secular cosmology. The Biblical and scientific information presented in this study will equip the reader to build a truly Biblical model of cosmology.

As with other works by author Ray McBerry, this curriculum is the most authoritative, comprehensive, and well-organized study on his subject in print or video today.  Beginning with the basics, Pastor McBerry gently guides even the wary individual previously unfamiliar with and perhaps even unbelieving in Biblical Cosmology to a point of understanding and belief with confidence and conviction.

Read just a few of the reviews of this series from other readers and viewers…

This is without a doubt the most extensive and compelling study on the subject of Biblical Cosmology out there anywhere.”

Pastor McBerry is so gentle with the way he brings someone along in this subject that I have found it to be the most effective presentation yet for introducing new people to the subject of Biblical Cosmology.”

This is the greatest presentation which brings the Biblical, scientific, and historical arguments for Biblical Cosmology together in one place!”