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Join our Online Congregation

Our Invitation to Those Unable to Find a Good Church in Their Area

We receive many emails and messages each week from people who have either listened to Pastor’s sermons or his 8-part series on “Biblical Cosmology” online and have expressed frustration at not being able to find a doctrinally sound, Bible-believing church in the area where they live.  Here at Pinnacle Baptist Church, we believe strongly that the Bible teaches that every born-again believer should be part of a local, New Testament church.  This is an essential part of God’s will in the life of every believer; but although we encourage everyone to seek out such a local church in the area in which they live, we also understand that in the day and time in which we live, not everyone has that kind of church within driving distance.  For this reason, our church family at Pinnacle Baptist has accepted the ministry of welcoming believers just like this into our church family as actual members.

Some of the weekly benefits for our online church family include:

  1. A weekly adult Sunday School lesson on audio taught by Pastor
  2. A weekly sermon from Sunday morning worship service
  3. A weekly in-depth, verse-by-verse Bible Study on audio from our Sunday evening service
  4. A link to the Christian film that our in-person congregation will be viewing during our Wednesday evening service on campus
  5. An opportunity to email Pastor personally with questions related to any of the week’s lessons or other things related to the Bible
  6. Pastoral or deacon counseling for important issues when necessary

Does this sound like what you’ve been searching for?  

If so, we invite you to go through the following items before making a final decision about joining Pinnacle Baptist Church, clicking on each one as you go.  Reading and listening to the items below that Pastor has selected for those considering church membership will not only acquaint you with who Pinnacle Baptist Church is as a church family but will also encourage and motivate you in your service for the Lord.

Membership Requirements for Online Church Members

  1. Salvation
  2. Baptism
  3. What kind of church is Pinnacle Baptist?
  4. Our church covenant
  5. Our church constitution
  6. Types of church membership
  7. Faithfulness

Once you have read and listened to the things pertaining to each of the above membership requirements and have diligently sought His will about becoming a member of Pinnacle Baptist Church, please click HERE to fill out our form for all new church members. Each adult wishing to become a member of Pinnacle Baptist MUST submit his or her own unique form.  Even married couples must submit two separate forms.