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Discipleship Training

Discipleship Training is good for any Christian…

If you’re a relatively new believer, discipleship helps to get your spiritual feet planted firmly beneath you so that you can begin to grow in your Christian life.

If you’re already a mature believer, discipleship training helps prepare you to disciple others.

Each of the lessons in this discipleship training is tied to the book First Steps for New Christians by Pastor Paul Chappell.  This book is very inexpensive and is widely available to purchase online.

Click on any of the links below to listen to the corresponding teaching on that lesson:

Week 1:  My Condition Before Salvation

Week 2:  The Plan of Salvation

Week 3:  A New Life in Christ

Week 4:  Eternal Security

Week 5:  Baptism

Week 6:  The Local Church

Week 7:  The Bible

Week 8:  Prayer

Week 9:  Witnessing

Week 10: Bible Memorization

Week 11: Overcoming Sin

Week 12: Biblical Stewardship

Week 13: The Baptist Faith