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Types of Church Membership

Our church constitution describes two types of church membership at Pinnacle Baptist Church.  These two types of membership have existed since the chartering of the church and are described below:

  1. Active Membership: This type of membership includes all church members who regularly attend services in-person and participate in the local ministry of PBC.
  2. Inactive Membership:  This type of membership includes those church members who, for a variety of reasons, do not attend in-person services at PBC.  Those reasons sometimes include medical issues, longterm job assignments out of town, military deployment, members who worship with us online in other locations, and even those who have simply fallen out of faithfulness in their attendance but still retain their membership.  Inactive members are still afforded the same religious liberty protections as other members under our Statement of Beliefs but are not permitted to participate in the actions which affect the day-to-day local ministry of PBC such as voting in business meetings and other similar activities outlined in the church constitution.  All inactive members have the right to active membership status at the point that they fulfill the attendance requirements provided by the church constitution as long as they are otherwise in good standing as members.

All of our online members are considered as inactive members; and while this means that you will not be able to vote on church matters in church business meetings, it does not limit you in participating in all of our worship, ministry, and Bible study opportunities.  These opportunities are simply done at a distance from the church campus instead of in-person.  Our goal at Pinnacle Baptist is to help each of our members, whether in-person or online, to grow into the mature believers that God has called each of us to be and to equip them for the work of the ministry.